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About Zloadr ?

Zloadr is a Blockchain Publishing platform that is revolutionizing and enabling creators
Connect, acquire, reach, and sell their content to a wide audienceThe demands of the audience.
Over the past few years it has developed and created a unique publishing tool, Zloadr Almost completely released a crypto blockchain publishing platform for liaison, Contributors and creators of all kinds, to come together and create, produce, distribute And sell their content to a wide and global audience with no loss of revenue valuable.

With more than 450K articles and 21k publications successfully created and distributed on beta platform only, A full publishing platform is in the final stages of its development to compete Major media aggregators like Yahoo, Google News & MSN, by setting a release date Scheduled for Q4 2017.Zloadr crowdsale and ZDR token publishing will increase efforts to grow, Market and signal influencers and assist in the development of Smart Contract technology In the Ethereum Blockchain platform.
Token will be used in the platform and stronger than traditional currency, pushing Advertisers to purchase tokens when retrieving services such as ads, business listings, classified ads, and Job vacancies in the Zloadr platform.

Blockchain & Publisher

Blockchain present during the publishing period allows clarity and confidence to all Related parties related to content creation and the advertising industry. Many creators continue rely on a system behind the scenes that devotes statistics based on information from the activity Their content. Why there is always the possibility that a figure can be manipulated, this can give a reason for the attention and reason for the creator to dodge because they feel sales and numbers Resulting from their content may not be what is indicated.
With the adaptation of blockchain incorporated into the publishing platform, it provides a snapshot
clear and fair about how and where content material is consumed, Gives space
For improvement or in the analysis of valuable information.


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